10 THINGS You Don't Know About Your Teeth
Teeth are some of the most fascinating body parts. They serve multiple purposes to help us get by on our day-to-day lives. Nevertheless, there are more uses of our teeth other than the usual biting, chewing, and talking. Here are 10 important things you probably never knew about your teeth.
4 Effective ways to fix Crooked Teeth
More often than not, people with crooked teeth feel embarrassed. Crooked teeth sometimes are more than just a cosmetic problem, like: if the problem is major, person may find it difficult to chew his/her food, or difficulty in brushing teeth, or they can even lead to injury because they do not provide proper support for the jaw.
7 Ways To Prevent Staining Of Your Braces
Braces are dental retainers used in orthodontics to align and straighten teeth. They help position the teeth about the individual’s bite. Despite the effective work these dental tools do, patients are left with one main concern. The white spot left on the teeth after the braces are removed bothers many patients.
Braces Are Finally Off! What's Next
The first days of having braces can be hectic. Everything would feel and seem as If you have a new permanent feature in your mouth that you just can’t get rid of. When people get braces, regardless of the benefits that they may offer, the thing they want the most would be taking them off. This is why more orthodontic patients keenly look forward to the day they will take off their braces.
Eating And Drinking With Invisalign
Over the years, more and more people have been using Invisalign in orthodontic treatment due to its numerous advantages. One thing about Invisalign as compared to alternatives like braces is that Invisalign is aesthetically looking perfectly blending in with your appearance. In addition to that, Invisalign is removable.