Orthognathic Surgery

Surgical Orthodontics

Orthognathic surgery is performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in collaboration with an orthodontist. It often includes braces before and after surgery, and retainers after the final removal of braces. Orthognathic surgery is often needed after reconstruction of cleft palate or other major craniofacial anomalies. Careful coordination between the surgeon and orthodontist is essential to ensure that the teeth will fit correctly after the surgery.

Orthognathic surgery is utilized to correct conditions of the jaw and face related to growth, structure, malocclusion problems as well as TMJ disorders and sleep apnea or other orthodontic problems that cannot be easily treated with braces. This is also used in treatment of congenital conditions like a cleft palate. During surgery, bones can be re-aligned, then held in place with either screws or plates.

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