How to get a whiter & brighter smile

With a convincing beautiful smile, you get confidence in yourself to handle personal and professional relationships better. As when someone tells you that your smile is so bright and beautiful, that makes you smile more again and you thank them. But to have that whiter and brighter smile need some efforts each day. You can’t achieve anything without putting efforts. So does oral hygiene which needs to be taken care of.

Oral hygiene is not just crucial for the bright smile, it is also essential for the well being of the teeth and dental health. As the mouth is the biggest and important gateway into our body. Through which we intake food and water, as nutrition is needed for the growth and maintenance of the body. So, it is needed to take appropriate and adequate care of the invaluable portal and the parts in it.

The teeth are basically not only important for chewing food, but it has also significant importance in appearance of face and sound of speech also. As we intake food from the mouth, and it consists of the buccal cavity with teeth in it as the first tool being in touch with the food in process of digestion and this part of the body plays a vital role in what appearance do we have and what we sound like. And even after the aforementioned importance of the teeth, many people still do not pay the attention to their teeth as much as they give to the other body parts. Even a lot of people around the world have the opinion that the only care they should provide to their teeth to have a whiter and brighter smile is by just brushing it every day. Brushing the teeth is vital, and it is only one of the numerous methods to care for our teeth.

Let me tell you few basic ways to take care of your teeth and make them shine whiter and brighter.


1. Brushing teeth regularly and properly

Anything you do, it should be done properly. Even brushing your teeth also should be done in a proper way, it shouldn’t be done anyhow or any way. You should always use the effective brushing technique which enables you to clean all parts of the mouth and sides of teeth. Using forth and back strokes at 45 degrees angles to your gums helps you to clean better. Using vertically short strokes the back of front teeth helps to remove plaques. And this should be done regularly and thoroughly.


2. Quit smoking

Smoking and the other tobacco products may lead to gum diseases by making the attachment of bone and soft tissue to your teeth poignant. Such interference makes the smokers more vulnerable to infections, like periodontal disease, it also seems to make blood flow impair with the gums, which will generally affect the wound healing. And smoking makes the teeth yellow because of the development of more tartar on the teeth.


3. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste and drinking fluoride water

As fluoride helps to strengthen the tooth enamel and also reduces your risk of tooth decay. Drinking fluoride water helps you to prevent cavities in your teeth. Patients at high risks of decaying should use fluoride toothpaste. As it will keep your teeth healthy, whiter and brighter.


4. Flossing

Flossing the teeth helps you to remove food particles and germs in between your teeth. An ideal floss should be of 18 inches in length and it is long enough to floss your teeth properly without even reinserting the floss parts that have already been into your mouth.

These are the few ways of taking care of your teeth and make them shine whiter and brighter. And there is one more measure that should be taken without a flaw that you should visit your dentist regularly, not only when you encounter a dental problem. You should get check ups regularly with the dentist in order to maintain dental health so you can smile whiter and brighter.