Jaw Misalignment

Malocclusion, or jaw misalignment, can cause many problems, including trouble speaking, breathing, and chewing. Orthognathic surgery is a more extensive procedure typically necessary to repair severe misalignments, while mild cases may often be treated with orthodontic therapy alone. We’ll go over what orthognathic surgery is, who might benefit from it, how it works, and what to anticipate from the healing process in this guide.

Dentofacial Orthotics

Dentofacial orthodontics, commonly known as dentofacial ortho, is crucial in correcting dental and facial misalignments. This specialised branch of dentistry focuses on aligning teeth and jaws to achieve optimal facial aesthetics and functionality. Dentofacial orthodontists are trained to address various issues, including malocclusions, facial asymmetries, and skeletal discrepancies, through various orthodontic techniques and treatments.