Braces Are Finally Off! What's Next

The first days of having braces can be hectic. Everything would feel and seem as If you have a new permanent feature in your mouth that you just can’t get rid of. When people get braces, regardless of the benefits that they may offer, the thing they want the most would be taking them off. This is why more orthodontic patients keenly look forward to the day they will take off their braces.

After orthodontic treatment is complete, you have to start using retainers for long-term teeth maintenance. There are two types of retainers that you can use after you’ve had your braces removed.

Fixed Retainers

Fixed retainers are more like braces in that they can’t be removed until a specified period. A fixed retainer is usually a thin wire. This wire is worn across the back of the teeth were braces were previous on. To join the wire together, most orthodontists use a cement similar to the one used when joining the braces together. Cleaning fixed retainers, however, is not so simple. You have to use a floss threader for effective results.

Removable Retainers

Remove retainers consist of a wire joined by acrylic material and hooks. These hooks can be inserted in or around the back of your teeth to hold the retainer and keep it in place. As compared to fixed retainers, cleaning your teeth is simple enough with removable retainers. You just have to remove the retainer clean your teeth and put it back on. At first, after getting your braces removed, it’s advised to put on your retainer for most of your day and when sleeping.

In addition, you have to remember to be extra careful with your removable retainer. Find a plastic retainer case where you can store your retainer to prevent heat damage.

Maintaining the retainers

Regardless of the type of retainers you have, be it fixed or removable retainers, you have to schedule regular dental visits for your oral maintenance. It’s easy for plaque to develop on your teeth if you have retainers on, to handle the plaque, you should add cleaning as part of your dental visits routine.

To clean bacteria from a retainer, use products like Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse. You can also add vinegar and water to the mixture for effective results.

Other things to remember after Braces

Braces often give you limitations concerning the types of food you could enjoy. After you get your braces removed, you shouldn’t immediately binge on all those foods that you would have moved. Your teeth will be extra sensitive during this period. You have to prevent and avoid the pain of chewing hard foods.

To conclude, it’s important to seek advice from professional orthodontists if you face any challenges post brace removal. It’s not guaranteed that everything will go well after your braces are removed because the fixes offered by braces are not permanent. If you notice any strange changes or cracks on your teeth, visit your dentist immediately.

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