Your Braces And Oral Hygiene

To have a beautiful smile, people do so many things! As there are people who don’t get to smile enough because of there crooked teeth, crowded smiles, or poorly aligned teeth, and that does not let them open up in public gatherings and places. Such problems are not just cosmetic but can also get one into a severe dental problem like overlapping and cleaning them becomes difficult, and leading to have tooth decay and gum diseases gradually or say malocclusion, and bad bite may also cause chewing and swallowing problems.

By getting braces fixed by the orthodontist can help you with your crooked teeth and poorly aligned teeth.

Braces are generally the most commonly used orthodontic appliance for the treatment of crooked teeth. Braces are usually extremely versatile, which can move the teeth in various directions at once and also treating many teeth at the same time. Braces are generally brackets cemented or bonded on tooth surfaces and archwires are joined to the molars on both the ends of the dental arches, which are threaded through the brackets in order to direct the force being applied on the teeth. This usually prevents the tooth/teeth from getting back to its own position.

Using proper oral hygiene techniques are always preferable, but its very when you are wearing orthodontic appliances like braces. And when you don’t pay hid to it or don’t maintain the effective oral hygiene, you become more vulnerable to gum diseases, tooth decay, cavities, decalcification, discoloration of teeth. Braces themselves don’t cause such issues, but since they generate such spaces which are difficult to clean and also provide extra sources of plaque (food) for the bacteria that do create more dental problems.

The clean, healthy teeth and great brushing techniques and proper flossing habits can make you get your braces off soon on schedule without a delay. You may be more vulnerable to cavities and sore, swollen gums when you are having your braces.

So here are few tips for the people having their braces on and want to focus on their oral health.


Maintain a good oral health routine

After fitting braces, it becomes the most important task to take care of your oral health regime. It seems a little sore and uncomfortable at the beginning, but it’s crucial to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene routine throughout the treatment. So, brushing your teeth after every meal and to use inter-dental picks to clear such lingering food debris. And it is advisable to carry a toothbrush with you always.


Drink plenty of water

It is obvious that patients who wear braces always tend to find that food may become lodged in their fittings after having meals. And drinking plenty of water is the best remedy for such problems and offers an ideal way of cleansing the mouth by removing the food debris. Cleaning the braces and preventing the plaque settlement is a very vital factor in successful tooth straightening treatment. And drinking plenty of water helps you in keeping the teeth and braces clean.


Orthodontist appointments should be taken regularly

As follow up sessions with your orthodontist are a necessary part of successful tooth straightening and aligning treatment. Generally, a check-up will last up to 10 to 30 minutes and it depends on the state of your brace at the time of your visit to Orthodontist. This will also give your orthodontist appropriate time to check on the progress of your dental treatment, identify those potential issues, and assess the actual overall condition of your teeth.