You are Never Too Old For Invisalign!

Is there a maximum age at which you can’t undergo an invisalign treatment? Well the honest truth is it doesn’t really matter if you are a young vibrant teenager, an over 50 stay at home mum or a young ambitious professional, looking good and having the perfect set of teeth that gives you a confident smile is important for all and it can be achieved no matter your age.

With the recent advancement in health technology, adult orthodontic treatment is getting popular and main stream as more and more people are putting in the effort to straighten their teeth. It is not too late for you as you can straighten yours too. The only criteria that ma tters when it comes to undergoing invisalign treatment or any dental corrective treatment is the health of your teeth, as far as you have healthy strong teeth, they can be corrected so go ahead and undergo that invisalign treatment in order to get that perfect teeth.

Why Is Having a Perfect Set of Teeth So Important?

Well there is no denying it, good looking people easily stand out from the crowd, they have more self-confidence and they are generally known to be more successful in life. But the benefits transcend beyond just mere looks or just wanting to have an amazing smile. Crooked teeth and misaligned teeth also poses very negative effects when it comes to your health and as you grow older those negative effects will begin to become more obvious, persistent, unbearable and disastrous.
These oral health issues can include bad breadth, headaches, mouth aches, bleeding gum, tooth loss and an inability to chew food properly. Swallowing food whole can also complicate the matters even more leading to stomach pain, digestion problems and a whole lot of other health issue.
The solution to all these array of problems is simply preventing them while you can before they even have the chance to do any damage. Having a invisalign treatment now can save you the cost in medical expenses, numerous pain and embarrassments you will undergo later on.

Does The Treatment Process Change as You Grow Older?

The invisalign treatment process is the same for all patients no matter the age.
The first step will involve you visiting an orthodontist who will take time to evaluate your dental history, the strength of your gum tissues and the health of the bones supporting the teeth. This way it can be ascertained if you can take the invisalign treatment or not.

The next step is to determine the corrective pattern your teeth will need to take in order to achieve and assume that perfect position. This information will then be used to create your own set of custom aligners. These aligners will focus on gently shifting and readjusting your teeth over time. The aligners will be changed every 2 weeks with every new set continuing from where the last stopped and gradually continue readjusting your teeth till they are perfect. The amount of time the invisalign treatment will last usually depends on the complexity and the bite correction needed.

So what are you waiting for, schedule that appointment with your dentist or orthodontist and begin discussing your treatment options in order to achieve that perfect teeth.