Understanding the Difference between Invisalign and Braces

Invisalign and braces are both used by orthodontists to straighten teeth, but there are some differences between them. You may have heard different stories from people who have received braces treatment and those who have received Invisalign treatment and therefore find it quite hard to decide on the one to choose between the two treatments.

Below is a table to help you better understand the difference between Invisalign and braces.

They are made from metal or ceramic. The metal bracket are glued by small rubber bands. They are made from BisphenolA free transparent plastic material.
Braces are more durable (they are made of metal). Invisalign are less durable (they are made of plastic).
They cost lesser than Invisalign. They cost more than braces.
Patient has the option of choosing the color of braces. Therefore, patients can choose the color that is close to the color of their enamel in a bid to conceal the braces. In other words, braces can be easily seen. Invisalign are clear and do not need to be concealed. Like their name implies, Invisalign brace are made with materials that are almost invisible, which means unlike traditional braces, they cannot be easily seen unless someone takes a closer look.
They are for people who do not mind some color on their teeth. They are for people who would rather straighten their teeth without letting people know.
When you have braces fixed, you have to visit your orthodontist at least once every month for the doctor to make sure your treatment is going smoothly and make adjustments if needed. Using Invisalign requires that you visit your orthodontist at least twice a month to change your aligner trays.
Braces are harder to maintain and you will need the assistance of your dentist to clean and monitor them. Invisalign are very easy to maintain and you do not need the help of your dentist to clean and monitor them. You can easily clean them on your own.
You cannot remove braces any time you feel like removing them. Only a dentist can remove your braces. Invisalign can be plucked out easily anytime you want without the help of anybody.
Braces do not get lost or contaminated because the user cannot remove them. Invisalign can get lost or contaminated because they can be removed at the user’s discretion.
They are more comfortable. They have a lot of discomforts.
Braces straighten the teeth in a shorter time. This could be because you cannot remove them; they are always glued to your teeth, quickly bringing you closer to your perfect smile. They take more time to straighten the teeth. This is because most users take them out for a long time. The more invisible braces stay away from the teeth the more time it will take the teeth to straighten.