Tips To Protect Braces While Playing Sports

When most people think about playing sports with their braces on, they excessively worry about the possibilities of getting injured. When you look at how braces work, you will begin to realize that the concerns are valid. Teeth braces are made using wires and brackets and when extra pressure is applied to these brackets and wires, the injury can be intensified and made worse. Moreover, there is the possibility that the braces themselves can be damaged slowing down the progress of treatment.

Braces are an investment into your oral health, which is why they should be protected and safeguarded for both their longevity and your safety. Here are the top tips you can apply to protect and safeguard your braces when you are playing sports.


1. Put on a mouth guard

A mouthguard is one of the safest ways you can use to protect your mouth and teeth from injury whilst sporting. Most mouth-guards are custom designed to perfectly fit in your mouth covering your braces and helping prevent things like tooth fracturing and damaged braces. Braces are often applied tightly and if the wires are tightened more due to damage, the resulting discomfort can be overwhelming.


2. Choose the Right MouthGuard

You can walk into a pharmacy and order a mouthguard, which is okay and convenient. It’s important, however, to choose the right kind of mouthguard for you. The best option if you want to choose a perfect mouthguard for you is visiting your dentist. Your dentist will create a mouthguard that is unique to your mouth, which in turn lessens the risk of injury in case of accidents on the field. Although it’s expensive to go to your dentist, the investment is definitely worth it in the long term.


3. Wear other Protective Gear

Your mouth guard is the primary protective gear directly related to your mouth. To be extra safe while playing sports, you have to wear other protective gear as well. For examples, if you play football or cricket, then put on your helmet, face guard, or safety glasses. The goal is to cover yourself sufficiently enough to prevent any risk of damage.


4. Be Cautious

Regardless of the amount of protective gear, you’d have on your body whilst on the field, if you are not cautious enough, chances are, you will end up being injured. Protective gear should never be a substitute for extra caution. Be cautious on the field and pay attention to what will be going on. If possible, back off when you sense a potentially dangerous and risky situation.


5. Always be prepared

No matter how safe or cautious you may be, accidents can happen. You have to be prepared. Before you go on a game, look out google maps and find the nearest dentist. If there are no nearby dentists, move around with a first aid kit and learn how it can be used. The goal is to always be prepared as emergencies always arise.

Protecting your braces while sporting doesn’t take a lot of work. You just have to exercise caution. If you get injured and looking for the best orthodontists in Miami, then be sure to get in touch with us.