Ten Reasons To Take Your Child To An Orthodontist

Your child’s health deserves to be well cared for and guided right. Your child’s oral health is as important as the nice clothing he/she wears to look good. It is pertinent that you teach your child how to handle a visit to the dentist or orthodontist regularly to get their teeth checked, early enough to prevent issues further down the road.

Who Is An Orthodontist?

An Orthodontist happens to be a dentist. He/she specializes in carrying out a diagnosis of what may be wrong with your child’s teeth and help prevent further irregularities by treating their teeth. They are not limited to a particular age grade of patients; they attend to both the young and old. They discover potential issues, which are likely to occur in the future and proffer solutions for them, as well as fix active irregularities in the teeth.

An orthodontist is more concerned about his/her patient’s bite alignment. They usually aim to fix any irregularities that are associated with the patient’s bite pattern. With the help of their dental devices/instruments, they can remove and fix a tooth that is not well aligned or has grown in the wrong position/direction in the mouth. This correction will help the child speak and chew well. You may have noticed the teeth in some children’s mouths. It is either they are crowded, too spacious, or crooked.

Reasons You Need To Take Your Child to an Orthodontist

There are several reasons why it is encouraged to take your child to meet and have a session with an Orthodontist. They are:

1. It Enables The Child To Feel Comfortable Visiting The Dental Clinic

Getting your child to visit the orthodontist at an early age of his/her life will help the child acquaint himself/herself with the dental clinic and environment. Growing up, the child will not be scared of syringes, extractors, etc. If your child has not been to the hospital to see the orthodontist before a tooth misalignment or chewing issue occurs, there is a strong possibility that the child will be afraid of the entire dental process when the need arises.

2. It Enables You To Have A Good Knowledge Of The Dental Health Care Of Your Child

Most parents think that they have to wait until their child has developed a fault in chewing or there is a wrong alignment of the teeth or jaw of their children before it is time to take them to an orthodontist, but that is not how it should be. Fixing and keeping an appointment with your child’s orthodontist early enough will help you stay informed of the condition and progress of your child’s dental development. In addition, you will get to learn basic tips on how to care for your child’s teeth even when it is just a tooth grown. Visiting the orthodontist will help you learn a lot about what decaying tooth symptoms are, how to care for your child’s teeth, or how to detect the distinct stages of teeth growth. More so, you will have the opportunity to discuss certain observations or concerns of your child’s oral health with the specialist.

3. It Helps In Detecting Teeth Irregularities Early

This is a salient point as to why you need to take your child to the orthodontist. This is because; it will help prevent you from experiencing an emergency. Parents who take their children to the specialist will be aware of their children’s dental wellbeing early. Nothing will take them by surprise because they made inquiries early enough and are equipped with the right information about their child’s dental condition. However, parents who do not take their children to the orthodontist may eventually run into emergencies unprepared.

4. It Helps You Avoid Wasteful Spending

When you take your child to meet the orthodontist, if there is a need for treatment, the orthodontist will fix it early and the cost will be minimal. This is because; the treatment at a younger age will help align the teeth to grow in the right order. This is unlike when the problem is intense. There are chances that the cost for fixing the dental issue will be higher than what you would have spent to prevent it from going bad.

5. It Helps The Orthodontist To Successfully Guide And Monitor The Placement Of The Teeth As They Grow

There are different ways the teeth grow; some grow without causing any form of discomfort. A tooth can leave the designated spot and grow outside of it. You can avoid this when you take your child to meet with an orthodontist. What the specialist usually does is to carry out an x-ray on the teeth so he can study them to know the sequence in which the teeth will grow. He will also give prescriptions that will help check and correct a possible tooth misalignment.

6. It Helps You Plan Adequately And Schedule Treatments in Time

After the orthodontist has carried out the x-ray, he would be able to study how the teeth will grow. This will help him ascertain if there will be a need for surgeries or treatments in the future. You will be able to plan towards it and prepare the child for it. This will help reduce fear in the child.

7. It Helps To Increase The Child’s Self-Esteem/Confidence

Most children who suffer crooked teeth or misaligned jawline suffer from low self-esteem either at school or with peers at home. The child will be unable to show their teeth when smiling or talking due to fear of being mocked by his/her peers. A child who visits the orthodontist will have his teeth examined and fixed. This will help add up to his self-confidence.

8. Irregular Jaw Development Can Be Properly Aligned

Some children’s jaw does not develop properly, which is why they have difficulty in biting/chewing and in some cases, increased bite. There is a special orthodontic therapy that an orthodontist will prescribe to help correct the growth of your child’s jaw.

9. It Helps To Correct Bad Habits

Some kids develop bad habits like; thrusting the tongue or sucking the thumb. This has a way of causing crooked teeth and in some cases, alter the shape of the child’s jaw. The orthodontist will help correct these bad habits.

10. It Helps the Orthodontist to Identify the Best Treatment Methods That Are Suitable For Your Child

In the case of taking your child for a routine checkup with the orthodontist, the specialist will be able to get to know the child better, understand their fears and prescribe the best treatment methods that will be comfortable for the child.


Chewing defects, misaligned jawlines, crooked and crowded teeth are dental defects that orthodontic specialists can treat. All it takes is to fix an appointment with one to get your children checked before you run into emergencies. Find an orthodontist for your child and get an appointment soon.