Smile Enhancing Treatment Offered By An Orthodontist

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. Smiling has a way of easing stress and making you feel a little bit relaxed from tension. What happens when you can no longer smile? It means you are likely to remain troubled for a long time, but guess what? Your smile can be easily fixed by an Orthodontist. Let us see how.

Smiling does a lot of tricks you know. It has a way of making an angry person calm, turning a bad day into a good one, make someone feel loved, welcomed, and appreciated. Smiling at someone may just be your ticket to getting an exclusive pass to things people have been scrambling to get for a long time.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone tells you “your smile captured my heart, and that is why I am doing this?” Or “I changed my mind when he smiled at me”. There are many little things that we probably might be enjoying right now only because we put on a good smile at the time of the event. Sometimes it may not even be about you. You actually might be saving someone from a bad day or someone who is suffering from depression by just smiling at the individual.

Just as we have people that can smile with ease, we also have those who are having difficulties with smiling for several reasons, such as:

1. Inability To Smile Because Of The Poor Structure Or Condition Of Their Teeth.

People whose teeth have turned brown, yellow, or black as a result of poor oral hygiene may find it really hard to smile in the presence of friends or the public for fear of being laughed at, mocked, or misunderstood. Including people who have once suffered from tooth decay and had the decayed tooth replaced with a silver tooth or teeth, may feel uncomfortable smiling for fear of been regarded as someone who once suffered from a lack of poor oral hygiene.

Imagine meeting someone for the first time only to discover from their smile that their teeth are brown or yellow. What will come to your mind is that the person has an unhealthy oral condition. It is so bad if the scenario is a job interview for a role that requires constant interfacing with clients. It is so bad that the person may not get the offer.

2. Jaw Misalignment

Another factor that may be responsible for a reduced smile or no smile is the case of a misaligned jaw. There way your jaw is structured may affect your smile. For some persons, their smile may be crooked or slanted, in most cases, unattractive. This has a way of making the individual have a reduced smile or no smile at all.

These and several other reasons, which are responsible for making an individual not want to show their teeth. The good news is that there are orthodontic treatments that are carried out for such patients to help correct his/her smile. These treatments are done to enhance the smile specifically.

Orthodontic treatments are not only meant to straighten and align your teeth, but it also helps to improve your smile and appearance.

The treatments carried out on a patient to improve on their smile are generally known as cosmetic dentistry. This treatment is carried out by a dental specialist who has been trained specifically for this purpose. The treatment is centered on improving the smile of the patient, either by working on the appearance of the teeth or by aligning the patient’s jaw to fit together in the correct manner.

Smile Enhancing Treatments Carried Out By An Orthodontist

There are quite a number of them, but to mention a few, we have:

1. Teeth Whitening

You know the way we add certain substances to our clothing while dry cleaning them so they can come out crystal clean as they originally were. This is what usually happens during a teeth whitening treatment. This treatment is carried out to turn discolored teeth white, as they originally should be.

Most persons call this teeth bleaching because of the result that is gained at the end of the day. The affected teeth may be brown, white, or off-white, whatever the case may be; the orthodontist will prescribe the perfect teeth whitening treatment, which will enhance the teeth to appear pearly.

2. Teeth Bonding

This treatment is recommended for those who do not want to alter the shape of their teeth, but their intent is just to make it appear more presentable. It is a treatment that works better for those individuals who do not want to have multiple appointments with their dentists to have their smile enhanced.

Teeth or dental bonding is a treatment that has to do with applying what is known as a plastic resin on the affected tooth or teeth, depending on what the patient wants. After the resin has been applied, a little application of light is done on the resin to help it bond properly to the affected tooth or teeth. This treatment is carried out on patients who want their tooth gaps closed, or cover their decayed or chipped teeth. This treatment though is temporal, does not last for a long time, so you may have to schedule another treatment when the bond wears out.

3. Shaping Of The Enamel

This treatment is the opposite of dental bonding; it is permanent or better put, long-lasting compared to the former. It involves taking out some pieces of enamel during the procedure. Although, this treatment is not for everyone who wants to have it. This is because the Orthodontist would have your enamel checked to ascertain how thick or thin your enamel is before the process can begin. If your dentist discovers that your enamel is thin, then the treatment cannot be carried out on your teeth.


It is commendable to seek the right knowledge of what a smile-enhancing treatment involves. But the truth is, you can never go wrong meeting with an Orthodontist for your smile-enhancing treatment. It is best to have your teeth examined by a specialist dentist and have him recommended the best treatment for you.