Role Tongue Plays In Your Dental Health

Our mouth is the busiest place as it is used for performing multiple functions such as speaking, breathing, chewing, and drinking. Well, teeth are considered as the most importtant but you must not forget the tongue.

Various Functions Of Tongue:

Tongue Helps In Tasting: The taste buds present on the surface of the tongue are responsible for the ability to taste the food. Basically, there are five different types of taste sensations, namely sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory. These taste buds are scattered all over the surface of the tongue.

Tongue Helps In Mastication:

Mastication is the process of combining ground up food particles with naturally occurring saliva. Mastication happens at the same time as grinding. Grinding happens when teeth convert large food particles into small ones. The tongue first positions food between the teeth for chewing before mixing it with saliva.

Swallow With Tongue

After masticating food particles, the tongue helps round them into masses known as a bolus. Once the bolus is formed, the tongue pushes them toward the esophagus found in the back of the mouth before finding its way to the stomach for digestion.

Tongue Assist In Speaking:

The tongue is used in speaking as it is responsible for making different sounds depending on its position. Due to the flexibility of the tongue, it is easy to switch positions and make a rapid sequence of sound

Understanding The Connection Between Tongue And Oral Health: It is a well-known fact that tongue is a vital part of the mouth and it plays a very important role in maintaining the oral health of a person. Without a tongue, you would face difficulty informing basic words, chewing your food, and other vital tasks the mouth performs. Moreover, the tongue helps in the way you taste things as they enter your mouth.

Why Is It Essential To Clean Tongue?

Regularly cleaning your tongue is important because it is exposed to bacteria, food debris, and other potential contaminants. When you do not clean your tongue properly, the bacteria linger in the mouth and may lead to plaque or tartar buildup which are potential dental concerns. It can significantly lead to several dental issues such as tooth decay, bad breath, and cavities.

Tongue’s surface has small bumps which are called papillae. These bumps on the tongue are used to trap food debris, dead skin cells, and other bacteria. To remove all these food debris, it is essential to make use of tongue cleaner to clean the tongue. When these bacteria and food debris is not removed, it would break down over time and promote the growth of other bacteria. It will indirectly lead to poor dental health.

Simple & Effective Tongue Cleaning Tips

There are two basic methods for cleaning the tongue during your basic oral care routine each day for maintaining dental health:

Regular Brushing: You can make use of your normal toothbrush to clean the tongue. This is a simple and easy method preferred by most. In addition, this is best done right after brushing while there’s still toothpaste in the mouth. You must clean the tongue, cheeks, and roof of the mouth gently, then rinse.

Regular Use Of Scraper: Scraper or tongue cleaner is for those who don’t want to brush the tongue. You can easily find a scraper or a tongue cleaner at any drug store. The tongue scrapers are designed to move across the tongue and remove mucus, food particles, and bacteria. You just have to rinse the scraper when finished and repeat the process.


When you visit your dentist for a regular checkup, your tongue would also be examined along with the teeth and gums. Examination of the tongue helps in determining the color, and texture of the tongue which plays an important role in indicating the oral health of the mouth. The health of your tongue is very important and you must ignore the warning signs. To keep your tongue healthy, make sure you are cleaning it properly twice a day.