Misconceptions About Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Surgery and Treatment is often shrouded in mystery. There is a lot of information involved as well as many variables at play. In such a field where information is plenty and professionals are few, it’s easy to get many misinformed opinions thus the myths.

Here are the top seven myths and misconceptions on Orthodontic Treatment.


1. Braces are Expensive

Braces are often high priced, yes, but that doesn’t make them expensive. The benefits offered by braces are lifelong which means that even though the price is high, the benefits of having braces over the long term are worth it. They are a great long-term investment.


2. Braces take years to work

This is another popular misconception on Orthodontic Treatment. Some people put on braces for 2 weeks; others will have them on for 3 years. The time it takes for full treatment varies depending on the patient, there is no one size fits all formula.


3. Braces are about Appearance

Braces are not about beauty, they come with many more benefits. Overall, they help with teeth realignment, which in turn helps improve your oral health, improve your speaking and makes digestion easier by improving chewing.


4. Orthodontist Are Expensive

Orthodontists are not expensive. Most of them don’t use a one-size fits all approach to orthodontic therapy and treatment. When you walk you visit an Orthodontist in Miami, chances are they will give you a rate only after assessing. Their rate will depend on your unique individual situation of how complex it is. You won’t have to break the bank for top-notch orthodontic treatment in Miami.


5. Frequent Visits to your Orthodontist are not necessary

We’ve seen people make this classic mistake many times. They get their braces installed and never again visit their orthodontist for monitoring. The wakeup call will come when they feel a sharp pain in their gums and by then it would be too late and if unfortunate, they would have to restart the treatment from square one. Depending on your orthodontist, frequent visits for monitoring and evaluation are necessary and should always be observed.


6. At home treatments are safe

There are patients who prefer to save on orthodontic treatment expenses by getting over the counter treatments or purchasing online. OTC Orthodontic treatments might work, but only for a limited time. The reason this is so is that there is no monitoring. At one point, you will need to be professionally monitored by a qualified orthodontist to prevent the possibility of irreversible damage.


7. You can Straighten your teeth the DIY Method

If you go on YouTube Right now and look for DIY Teeth Straightening methods, you will likely find a ton of videos showing methods you can use to straighten your teeth by yourself. The problem with such methods is that the people who often teach and recommended them never studied orthodontics. You are most likely to injure yourself by following such techniques and tips.


To Conclude, Orthodontics is essential for your oral health. Get in touch with us for teeth straightening in Miami.