Invisalign Vs Braces - Which Is Better For You

Whenever someone tells you that you look beautiful while smiling, and you thank them for the compliment. But have you ever thought that crooked teeth of yours can ruin that smile? And crooked teeth not only look bad, its a serious dental cosmetic problem, leading to many other dental problems such as overlapping or crowded teeth which won’t make you happy. And not smiling for crooked teeth or poorly aligned bites isn’t fair enough. Nothing should be compromised for a bright smile. And this crooked teeth further leads to tooth decay and gum disease gradually, or bad bite may cause chewing and swallowing problems.

There are many different reasons for this dental problem of crooked teeth, however, it could be genetic or it could be environmental factors, that are leading to malocclusion. Teeth problems can come in any shape and at any time, no one can even predict such things. Yes, it can be prevented from happening by taking care of your teeth from very early. However, there are solutions to all dental issues.

The best thing about the orthodontic dental treatments which use braces or Invisalign is that they usually do more than just straighten the teeth. These are also effective in correcting bite issues that also require special diagnosis and orthodontic treatment.

Now let’s talk about Invisalign first and will look toward its benefits. Invisalign is one of the types of orthodontic treatment which helps you to straighten your teeth without using the traditional metal braces. Invisalign includes wearing a set of custom-made clear plastic aligners which shift your teeth into the proper alignment and position.

The use of Invisalign is one of the efficient methods for tooth movements that are not even too complicated. The set of clean, computer-based produced trays is ideally worn 24 hours a day with changing them out every two weeks. There are a few specific trays that can even last for six months to one year.

However, these may require some form of retention by not allowing the teeth from shifting back. There are basically many advantages of it, but let me tell you the best advantage of it, that the trays are relatively invisible. And even the name Invisalign also depicts so. Few people usually don’t want anyone to know that they are wearing braces. They also provide help for such people who want to get straight alligned teeth while still feeling comfortable in all social gatherings or situations. Wearing Invisalign offers comfort as it does not affect your speech.

Invisalign treatment is expected to act more effectively for esthetic purposes instead the purpose of improving the main functionality of the teeth. That is why still many poeple having complex dental problems, prefer traditional metal braces.

Now moving onto the dental braces, we will see its function and benefits. Dental braces have a long wire which tends to run along with the brackets. The orthodontists are responsible for fixing up the braces onto the teeth. Usually, the wire and brackets which forms the part of braces are generally pressed against the patient’s teeth. This helps to have slight movements which enable the proper aligning and straightening of the crooked teeth.

Dental braces are capable of correcting the most complicated problems in teeth aligning. Not only the braces are esthetically pleasing, but it is functional as well. These are greatly helpful in closing gaps, correcting crooked teeth and teeth alignment.

As Invisalign treatment which is greatly useful for aesthetic purposes and minor dental issues, but braces are more functional and work efficiently for curing complex teeth issues. Braces are also expected to do work faster in closing gaps and aligning the teeth properly than Invisalign. So this comparison is enough to tell you the difference between braces and Invisalign, and now you can decide which one you should get according to your purpose.