Importance of Straight Teeth and Jaws in the daily life of a Human being.

The teeth and jaw are very important features that define the look of a human face, which means if they look bad or abnormal, there is a high chance the face will look quite unpleasant. This is the major reason why people try to make their teeth straight and their jaws in the right condition. Crooked teeth is not only a cosmetic issue, it is an issue that also affects dental health; therefore, when you get your teeth straightened, you are not only going to achieve a nice face and a beautiful smile, you are also going to achieve a good dental health.

So what are the importance of straight teeth and jaws in the daily life of a human being?

  • Improved facial appearance

For many people, this is the only reason why teeth straightening is important and that is why they visit the orthodontist to get their teeth straightened. Crooked teeth and jaw takes the beauty away from a face and makes a smiling face a horrible sight. Therefore, anyone who hitherto had crooked teeth and had their teeth and jaw straightened will have a greatly improved facial appearance.

  • Improved self-esteem

People who have crooked teeth usually find it difficult to get close to people or fully express themselves. Anyone having crooked teeth may become an object of ridicule for people and even if people do not make jest of them, they may just not feel confident around people. But once such person transforms their crooked teeth to straight and normal, their self-esteem and confidence will return or improve and they can then have a normal feeling around people.

  • Straight teeth help you avoid periodontal disease

Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is an infection that damages the tissues that support your teeth. If left unchecked, periodontal disease leads to severe pain, redness, bleeding, and tooth loss. Crooked teeth is a precursor to periodontal disease. Crooked teeth make it very difficult to effectively clean the teeth and when the teeth is not cleaned well, bacteria that causes periodontal disease will linger. Therefore, straight teeth helps you avoid periodontal disease by making it easy for you to clean all areas around your teeth.

  • Straight teeth last longer

Crooked teeth wear easily due to the pressure generated while biting and chewing. This wear can lead to chipping, flattening of the bite surface, weakened teeth, periodontal issues, and teeth loss. However, a straight teeth can handle the pressure from biting and chewing very well, which contributes to the long life of the teeth.

  • Straight teeth are cleaner teeth

It is very easy to brush and floss straight teeth so they will definitely look cleaner than crooked teeth. On the other hand, crooked teeth are difficult to brush and floss, which makes it highly likely that they will look quite dirty anytime they are exposed.