How to Clean Teeth with Braces When You're on the Go

Patient with braces should be cleaning their teeth multiple times in a day. It is a vital advice that your orthodontist will give you once you commence orthodontic treatment by getting braces fixed. When you are on orthodontic treatment, it is very important that your teeth stay clean all the time.

It is the sacrifice you have to make to make sure your treatment go very smoothly and to ensure the perfect smile you desire stays at your fingertip only for a very short time before you grab it.

Cleaning the mouth sounds very easy and quite effortless; however, how will you clean your teeth when you are in on the go – like when you are in school, office, mall, or when you are in the bus.

In other words, you may find it inconvenient to clean your teeth when you are not at home. So how can you clean your teeth in such situations?

Below are six must haves and how to use them for cleaning your teeth on the go:

  • A Toothbrush

Get yourself a toothbrush that you can take with you everywhere you go. If you are worried about the space a regular toothbrush will take in your bag (which I think should not be a big deal), a travel toothbrush would be perfect because it does not take as much space as a regular toothbrush. Use your toothbrush to remove any food particle by brushing your teeth with it after eating. You do not need to carry a toothpaste with your toothbrush because brushing, even without toothpaste, can remove food particles. However, if you feel you can carry a toothpaste, then go ahead and put one in your bag.

  • Water

Make sure you carry some water with you everywhere you go or make sure you can easily get water anywhere you are. If you eat something sweet or consume sugary beverage and you realize your toothbrush is nowhere to be found, give your mouth a thorough rinse with clean water. Swish the water around in your mouth until you are sure food particles have been dislodged from your teeth and your mouth is clean.

  • Floss

Make sure you have a floss ready for cleaning the spaces around the teeth and under the gum line.

  • A mirror or the front camera of your phone

Use mirror or the front camera of your phone while cleaning your teeth to be sure there are no food particles in your teeth after you have cleaned them. You can get yourself a small mirror and carry it with you, but if cannot take a mirror with you, the selfie camera of your phone is a great alternative.

  • An Interproximal Brush

This is a tool that you can use to remove food particles that get stuck around brackets, between teeth and between the arch wire and teeth.