Invisalign The Perfect Smile Solution

Whether you like it or not, making a good first impression matters a lot. The importance of looking good and having a perfect smile cannot be underrated, it has the ability to reshape your life, radiate your joy, your excitement and boost your confidence all at once. With the perfect smile, you can expect to stand out from the crowd, drastically see changes in the way you interact with people and see an improvement in the way you carry yourself.

It all sounds like a dream right? Well with invisalign treatment that dream can be brought to life. This treatment will involve you visiting an invisalign surgeon who will be in charge of monitoring, advising and helping you determine the best path for you to take in order to straighten your crooked teeth, treat cross bites, close gaps, align your teeth and make them look perfect in order to get that amazing smile.

What Is Invisalign Treatment and How Does It Work?

Invisalign aligners are amazing orthodontic appliances similar in function to dental braces but created to be more comfortable, faster and better. They can help you treat various forms of teeth related problems, from protruding or crooked teeth to severe cases of under bite, overbite or misalignment of the teeth.

In order to get the best position for the alignment of your teeth, invisalign treatment makes use of 3D computer imaging technology. This imaging technology will mirror and depict the series of movements and correction stages your teeth must undergo before it gets to that perfectly straight and aligned position that would give you that beautiful smile. This information’s are then gathered and used in the production of your custom made aligners.

These aligners fit exactly over your teeth and are created in series for every stage of corrective movement your teeth will make thereby helping your teeth adjust bit by bit over time till they all fit in the right position.

How to Use Invisalign and for How Long?

While using invisalign aligners to treat your teeth, you are required to wear each aligner for about 20 hours a day for 2 weeks after which your dentist will replace them with a new one. The news ones will also be worn the same way and the process repeated until the final perfect position of the teeth is achieved.

The average treatment usually takes from around 12 to 18 months although it could be more depending on the severity of the case you want correction for. However, you will immediately start seeing changes from the first month of the treatment.

Invisalign treatment are very popular and preferred among adults because of their translucent and clear nature which makes them less noticeable, they are also temporal because where dental braces make use of metals and wires, invisalign treatment makes use of a more comfortable and virtually invisible tray which are referred to as aligners. These aligners are also removable and can easily be worn or removed whenever you want thereby bringing ease and comfort to your treatment.

Eating And Drinking With Invisalign

Over the years, more and more people have been using Invisalign in orthodontic treatment due to its numerous advantages. One thing about Invisalign as compared to alternatives like braces is that Invisalign is aesthetically looking perfectly blending in with your appearance. In addition to that, Invisalign is removable. This makes it possible for you to enjoy your meals as you can simply remove the Invisalign and enjoy your meals. You can put it back on after you are done with the meal.

5 Dental Care Tips While Invisalign For a Healthy Smile

The teeth and jaw are very important features that define the look of a human face. This means if they look bad or abnormal, there is a high chance the face will look quite unpleasant. This is the major reason why people try to make their teeth straight and put their jaws in the right condition. Crooked teeth are not only a cosmetic issue, it is an issue that also affects dental health; therefore, when you get your teeth straightened, you are not only going to achieve a beautiful smile, you are also going to achieve good dental health. To straighten crooked teeth, one must undergo an orthodontic treatment and one of the orthodontic treatments that a lot of people prefer for straightening their crooked teeth is Invisalign.

Things You Should Not Do While Undergoing Invisalign Treatment

Instead of having to deal with a mouth filled with metal, a limited diet and a change in life style, invisalign treatment is a great option that makes use of removable aligners that offers comfort, convenience and many more benefits over its more traditional metal bracket and wire braces counterpart. However, they do require a certain level of discipline and commitment in order to get all the benefits from them.

Is Choosing Invisalign Your Right Choice

invisalign was launched in 1999 and it was made available to dentists to give treatment in 2002. It is a great alternative to traditional braces because just like its name implies, Invisalign is quite invisible, making it more preferable for people who do not have complex teeth problems and people who want an orthodontic treatment without the changes in facial look associated with traditional braces treatment.

Understanding the Difference between Invisalign and Braces

Invisalign and braces are both used by orthodontists to straighten teeth, but there are some differences between them. You may have heard different stories from people who have received braces treatment and those who have received Invisalign treatment and therefore find it quite hard to decide on the one to choose between the two treatments.

Avoid Dental Emergencies with the Right Orthodontic Treatment

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. It can happen when you are awake, when you are sleeping, when you are doing exercise, when you are taking, and when you are eating. It could cause a lot of pain, discomfort, and bleeding.