Orthognathic Surgery

Did you know that 20% of people have severe facial growth deformities to a higher degree? You might find this alarming at first. A substantial facial defect isn’t always as easy as people may assume. For instance, what orthodontists deem crucial may have less to do with how you appear and more with how well your bite functions. For instance, an underbite or overbite may qualify as an extreme facial abnormality. It happens that you might not even notice it right away. You can go years without even knowing you have a facial abnormality.

Facial abnormality happens mostly in your jaw. However, that does not imply that you should disregard a jaw malformation. If you neglect a problem with your jaw, you can later experience excruciating discomfort. Furthermore, you could find out later that jaw disorders might cause trouble with chewing or breathing. What are you going to do to fix your jaw issues then?

In some circumstances, regular metal braces or transparent braces may be sufficient to straighten the teeth and address jaw issues, at the very least to prevent the need for orthodontic surgery. In some situations, you cannot avoid the surgery. The orthodontists must carefully evaluate the corrective jaw surgery. It is not usually the most straightforward procedure to have.

What is involved in orthognathic surgery?

The majority of individuals have many inquiries regarding what corrective jaw surgery entails because it looks so extreme in comparison to, say, braces.

The specifics of your procedure will depend on what you require and what your orthodontist recommends. However, it frequently entails shifting the jaw’s bones.

They are frequently lengthened, shortened, done, moved up, in, or out. In essence, the aim is to have a more even bite. An orthodontist will often be engaged in the whole strategy.

The jaws get divided into different parts to realign them.

However, this is not always the case.

How Do I Determine Whether I Need Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Once more, it might be challenging to determine whether you require corrective jaw surgery. It won’t always be clear from the outside. However, if your jaw hurts or regularly grinds your teeth, you may have jaw problems that need to be corrected by surgery. Experts recommend jaw surgery to treat sleep apnea and general breathing difficulties. Snoring, trouble eating, and even a crooked nose might be indicators that you require jaw surgery shortly. It truly depends on the first things your orthodontist notices. However, you should raise concerns if you notice any of these symptoms.

What Are The Advantages Of Orthognathic Surgery?

Advantages Of Orthognathic SurgeryOral and maxillofacial surgeons conduct orthognathic surgery, often known as jaw surgery. The surgery helps repair a variety of jaw-related issues that influence daily living. When regular orthodontic treatments fail to resolve the problem with teeth and bite alignment, they opt for orthognathic surgery.

Pain Relief:

Many individuals opt for jaw surgery because they want relief from jaw discomfort in the long run. The surrounding jaw muscles get affected due to severe strain in misplaced jaws. Often, surgery can lessen this discomfort.


Jaw realignment surgery enables the teeth to have their ideal bite. It facilitates chewing and helps you to relish food. Moreover, you can eat that you couldn’t eat before. A considerable increase in digestion will accompany a better chewing function.

Experience Teeth Correction:

corrective jaw surgeryWith jaw alignment, your teeth will benefit. It will improve your bite and eliminate excessive pressure. The alignment will help to distribute the pressure uniformly throughout the jaw.

The teeth will gain strength and better flexibility.


Correcting jaw alignment may improve one’s ability to speak. Not only can the position of the jaw impact eating, but it can also impact speaking. Speech abilities essentially demonstrate improvement with jawline correction.


The correction of the jaw frequently leads to an enhanced facial appearance, giving many people who have jaw surgery fresh confidence.


The surgery will place your jaw and teeth in a perfect arrangement. It will help you improve functional and healthy bite after corrective jaw surgery. Your jaw will function better overall, allowing you to appreciate life more. Call our office at +1 305-407-9000 to arrange a consultation if you’re unsure whether jaw surgery will be advantageous for you.