Crooked Teeth

Having crooked and misaligned teeth is becoming common nowadays. You might have come across many an adult or kid in a family who does not have a perfect set of teeth. The alignment of the teeth is for more than aesthetic reasons. It plays a vital role in ensuring our oral health and digestive health. 

Moreover, it decides whether you have a beautiful smile or not. Just like your eye and fingerprints, teeth are unique for every individual. Taking care of your oral hygiene is as crucial as maintaining overall health. 

If your teeth are not aligned perfectly, you may experience speech issues and digestion problems. According to expert dentists and orthodontists, every year, 67% of patients visit them to get their teeth corrected. 

There are many ways to correct the misalignment of the teeth. Due to modern medical science, people can use braces and Invisalign to rectify the misalignment of their teeth. But before you get the treatment from the dentists, understand the reason behind the crookedness of the teeth. 

There are numerous causes of crooked teeth, and here are a few common factors that lead to dental misalignment. 

#1 Genetic Issues

Genetics plays a crucial role in deciding the alignment of the teeth. If one or both of your parents have crooked teeth, you are bound to have crookedness in the teeth. The crookedness in the teeth is referred to as malocclusion in medical terms. Malocclusion can be of different kinds. It includes crossbite, overbite, open bite, and underbite. If you are delaying the treatment, it can worsen the bite problem. When you are experiencing a bite problem, you find it difficult to chew the food. It leads to digestion issues. 

#2 Unhealthy Oral Habits

Avoid Unhealthy Oral Habits

Many people do not maintain proper oral habits. For instance, children can have a habit of thumb sucking or using a pacifier. Both kids and adults may have issues of incorrect brushing and not flossing. These are some of the habits that cause crookedness in the teeth. Sometimes the unhealthy oral habits protrude the front teeth. It causes open-bite misalignment. 

#3 Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

There are two different types of oral disorders that can cause misalignment in the teeth. It is Orofacial disorder and myofunctional disorder. In Orofacial disorder, your mouth and face functioning is disrupted. In myofunctional disorder, there is a disorder in muscle functioning. 

Due to this disorder, you experience difficulty breathing from the mouth and posture of the tongue. It may even cause allergies to kids. If the issues are prolonged, the person suffers from irregular facial development. 

#4 Premature Loss Of Primary Teeth

Primary teeth are called milk teeth or baby teeth. At a certain age, the kids lose milk teeth and make room for permanent teeth to grow. But sometimes, the kids lose primary teeth early. It may be due to accidents or irregular teeth development. It causes improper spaces between the teeth, and the permanent teeth are crooked. Sometimes the teeth are crowded, and sometimes there is an excessive gap. 

#5 You Are Undergoing Trauma

A traumatic phase can have an impact on your dental health. Kids may suffer dental injuries due to physical or mental trauma. Sometimes the dental injuries are so severe that it leads to dental diseases. If you delay dental treatment, there are high chances of teeth misalignment. 

#6 Not Replacing Missing Tooth

There can be many reasons for losing a tooth or multiple teeth. Sometimes, tooth decay is severe and requires tooth removal. So there is a gap in the set of teeth. If you are not getting the treatment for a prolonged period, adjacent teeth start covering up the space. It results in misalignment of the teeth. 

#7 Presence Of Missing Teeth

Treatment Of Missing Teeth

Wisdom teeth do not have any placement in the set of permanent teeth. But they still try to erupt and make space for themselves. Due to this, other teeth start crowding over each other. It is a common cause of crooked teeth or misalignment. 

#8 Multiple Dental Treatment

When you undergo multiple dental treatments, the teeth suffer a lot. Sometimes, the restoration work is not efficient. The dental tools (implants, crowns, and bridges) are of low quality. The filling is improper. All these things have an impact on the position of the teeth. It can also reduce the efficiency of the dental muscles. 


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